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Cascade Drilling is a leading provider of environmental drilling services for water and soil assessment, monitoring, and remediation purposes on the West Coast.  The Company is a recognized regional leader in auger and direct push drilling, standard drilling methods for assessing the extent of subsurface contamination.  Cascade Drilling also provides rotary, sonic and other drilling methods, which allows it to offer a wide range of environmental drilling services.  The Company drills holes for a wide range of reasons, including providing samples of water and soil, installation of devices through drilling that facilitate monitoring, and subsurface application of chemicals or other agents for in situ remediation.  Cascade Drilling’s core beliefs are safety first, customer service and quality.

For more information about Cascade, visit www.cascadedrilling.com.

Intechra helps Fortune 1000, large and medium-sized businesses retire IT assets such as personal computers, servers, networking equipment, and data center equipment in compliance with federal privacy regulations, environmental laws and internal corporate security policies.  Intechra provides nationwide logistics, remarketing, redeployment and recycling through a network of five operations centers and 11 logistics centers.  All Intechra processes are ISO certified for quality and environmental management.  The company adheres to very strict standards, including a zero-landfill policy and thorough downstream diligence.

For more information about Intechra, visit www.intechra.com.

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